Cyber Security

With Cyber-Crime in its embryonic stage and costing over $500 billion in reported losses in 2012 alone, the business model designed by its architects is overtly productive. Given the fact the greatest value proposition places the affluent community in the center of the radar screen, preemptive solutions are no longer out of the box thinking, but compulsory.

RCS’ proprietary anti-crime methodology to Cyber Security has been serving private families across the country for several years with significant success. Our goal is to validate the risk then formulate and implement an actionable plan that is easily, cost effectively and expeditiously executed. Further, our strategy crystalizes all potential risk vectors by closely examining the human, procedural and technological access points to the clients environment so as to ensure all vulnerabilities (at home and while traveling) are addressed and preemptively mitigated. Additionally, the RCS cyber security professional does not seek to circumvent or eliminate the families existing IT professional but to involve them in the process so as to ensure long term buy in and erase the need for reoccurring costs for RCS consulting fees. An overview of our procedure is as follows:

  • 60 – 90 Minute Phone / Skype Consultation to Cover the Following Topics
    • Technology Usage – Physical Devices
    • Technology Usage – Users and User Categories
    • Type of Data Stored on Local Devices
    • Network Infrastructure – Wireless Configuration / Shared Drives / Internet Connection(s)
    • E-Mail Accounts and Usage – Authentication Methods and Type of Data Transmitted
    • Cloud Account Usage – Type of Data Stored
    • External Media Usage / Type of Data Stored and Security Implemented
    • Mobile Device Usage and Security Implementation
    • Internet Usage for Children (Below the Age of 14) and monitoring solutions
    • Use of Social Media by Principal Client and Family
    • Home Physical Security Model:  Alarms / Cameras / Guards / Safe Room
    • Travel Security Risks and Mitigation Steps – Ancillary Risks Created Through Social Media
    • Use of Background Checks for Employees / Contractors / Etc.
  • Deliverable –
    • Customized Report Based on Above Consultation to Include the Following
    • Recommendations for Network / Wireless Security
    • Recommendations for Separation of Usage If Appropriate
    • Recommendations for Data Storage Security (Encryption) If Appropriate (Cloud Security Covered)
    • Secure E-Mail Implementation Recommendations
    • Recommendations for Secure External Storage if Appropriate
    • Mobile Device (Phone / Tablet / Laptop) Security Recommendations
    • Education Suggestions for Appropriate and Safe Internet Usage for Children
    • Education Suggestions for Safe and Appropriate Use of Social Media
    • Physical Security Suggestions
    • Travel Security Education and Advance Work Suggestions if Appropriate
    • Suggestions on the Use of Background Checks
    • E-Mail Consultation for Report Clarification If Needed
    • Additional Assessment Recommendations if Warranted
  • RCS May recommend a more comprehensive Penetration Test / IT Security Assessment If Warranted
  • RCS May Recommend a more comprehensive Physical Security Assessment if Warranted

Professional Fees:

  • Phone / Skype Consultation with Deliverables – $1,500
  • In-Person Review New York Metro Area – $2,500
  • In-Person Review Outside New York Metro Area – $3,500 Plus Expenses

To download the tear sheet, please [CLICK HERE].