Chubb Relationship

Service Offerings for Chubb Signature and VIP Customers

Examples of the services Chubb customers have requested guidance on thus far are as follows:

  •     Identity theft
  •     Residential break in and theft
  •     Extortion matters
  •     Missing persons
  •     Residential security
  •     Construction of proprietary servers for family use and 24/7/365 help desk service
  •     Personal threats made to family members via mail, email or in person to include attempted child abduction
  •     Investigative due diligence on investments, acquisitions, senior level hiring’s and study abroad programs
  •     Scenarios for children
  •     Close personal protection for family travel
  •     Special event security

The following list of complimentary/reduced rate services is a sampling of the services available to all Chubb Signature & VIP customers:

  • The RCS Lifestyle Vulnerability Diagnostic evaluation which is designed to identify all potential risks presented to the family and articulate comprehensive mitigation strategies for family implementation
  • Unlimited telephone consultation and 24/7 on call service through the RCS hotline for all family needs
  • Design of residential security architectural plans to include a written deliverable illustrating the entire interior and exterior solution
  • Comprehensive background investigations for select VIP household staff
  • Comprehensive audit of the family’s current communication security protocols to include both cyber and telephonic measures. If the family should so desire, this service can be extended to its family office
  • Comprehensive travel intelligence reports for all family members and review of the family’s travel security protocols to ensure safe and secure travel both domestically and internationally
  • Contractor background investigations for all residential projects conducted on each individual
  • Tenant and employment credit reports